Providing outstanding client service is the most important thing we do. Our team abides by a clear set of client service imperatives (set out below) designed to maintain consistently high levels of service across all areas of our business.

These standards have been developed in consultation with our clients. They confirm our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service and are used as a reference point for both our clients and our team.

Understanding our clients and their businesses

  • We make sure we understand our clients and their businesses, including their customers and competitors, as well as political, financial and market issues relevant to their industry.
  • Researching clients’ businesses broadens our knowledge and understanding of their business operations, as well as wider industry competition and issues.

Delivering on our commitments

  • Ensuring clarity when it comes to our clients’ expectations is paramount to us. We take the time to demonstrate our understanding of client expectations to ensure our goals match theirs.
  • We confirm in writing as soon as possible on important matters.
  • Any promises we make to our clients are realistic and we consistently meet or exceed them.
  • Where problems arise, we communicate early and reset expectations. All team members understand and follow the service standards at Cooper Grace Ward.

Commercial and practical advice and solutions

  • Advice and solutions are tailored to our clients’ particular circumstances to meet their needs and expectations.
  • Clients are regularly apprised of costs versus risks and we are diligent in contacting clients or other parties to resolve issues quickly.
  • We use plain English in all of our drafting and speak in clear, concise terms, especially where matters are complex.
  • Client advices are simple in structure so they are easy to understand.
  • We anticipate potential problems and identify solutions.

Keeping clients informed

  • We ask our clients what information they want to receive from us, how often and by what method of delivery.
  • Our clients are informed as soon as possible of legislative and other changes that may have an impact on their business or on the industries they deal with.
  • Clients are consulted on what level of detail they require with their invoicing and are kept up to date on cost estimates.
  • We are available to clients at any time to call and discuss any matters. If a usual point of contact is not available, we refer clients to another team member who can help.
  • All telephone calls and emails are returned within one business day.

Dedicated to client relationships

  • Relationships with clients are important to us. Wherever possible, we meet our clients on an informal basis.
  • We are interested, energetic and enthusiastic about our clients and the work we do for them.
  • It is important to get to know clients and ensure that they are introduced to other members of our team who may be assisting with their work.
  • We look for opportunities to personalise our service and add value, such as delivering advice in person or inviting clients to our events that would be of benefit to them.
  • Clients are encouraged to leverage their relationship with us to meet other clients with shared business or other interests.