The rapid pace of change in technology shows no signs of slowing down. As such, the industry needs legal advice that is up-to-the-minute and practical.

No matter what type of technology you have in development, it is essential to have the right protections in place. This will help ensure your ideas become and remain a commercial success.

Given that it spans many areas of commercial activity and legal regimes, intellectual property is a highly complex, ever-changing area that only experienced corporate lawyers can navigate with certainty.

Our law firm advises a range of clients in this area, from start-up technology businesses through to mid-sized companies engaged in technological innovation and development.

Cooper Grace Ward’s IP and technology law clients operate in sectors as diverse as:

  • software development
  • online business and e-commerce
  • biotechnology and the emerging ‘cleantech’ sector.

Protect your ideas and encourage them to flourish

Our commercial law experts provide a full suite of services to clients in Brisbane and throughout Australia, in this area of the law, including:

  • intellectual property protection strategies
  • applying for trade mark registrations and handling trade mark disputes
  • preparing intellectual property agreements, including licences to use, manufacture, develop and market confidentiality agreements and agreements dealing with patent rights
  • preparing licence agreements from the perspective of both the licensee and licensor and relating to matters as diverse as software, patents, business processes, trademarks, brands and copyright
  • commercialisation of technology
  • capital raisings and public offerings
  • due diligence, mergers and acquisitions
  • commercial advice, including advice on all types of contracts and agreements
  • workplace relations and safety advice, documentation and litigation
  • litigation and dispute resolution.

Navigating a rapidly changing environment

At Cooper Grace Ward, our corporate lawyers have an in-depth understanding of technology and copyright law in a global context.

Having this knowledge and experience is essential when advising clients. This new reality is due to these factors:

  • The rise of ‘disruptor’ enterprises
  • Unprecedented technological advancement
  • Rapid growth in the value of traded – and pirated – copyright works
  • Treaties that cross borders to sync domestic copyright regimes amidst globalisation
  • The cultural expectation of having liberal access to content and information.

To speak with a lawyer regarding an intellectual property or technology law matter, call Cooper Grace Ward on (07) 3231 2444.