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Recruitment FAQs

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Find answers to our most frequently asked recruitment questions here

Visit our careers centre database.

If you are responding to an advertisement and know the position name, you can search with this. Once you have found a position you are interested in, click ‘Apply’ and follow the instructions.

Yes. You will receive an immediate email that confirms receipt of your application.

Yes, we welcome expressions of interest from candidates with experience across a variety of fields. If you register your interest, we will maintain your details in our database, to be matched for future openings.

Our people and culture team can view all candidates’ profiles within our recruitment database. In addition, those people who are directly involved in your recruitment process will have access to view your profile.

Cooper Grace Ward is bound by federal privacy laws, so your personal details will be handled confidentially. For further information please refer to the privacy policy section of this website.

The time the recruitment process takes can vary from one position to the next depending on a number of different considerations. We aim to keep you as informed as possible at all stages of the process.

The questions you will be asked will be specific to the position you have applied for. Be prepared for questions that ask you to explain your functional or technical skills.

We also use behavioural interviewing questions, where you will be asked to provide examples of how you have demonstrated competencies in your previous roles that relate to the advertised position. When answering these questions, you must talk about a specific situation, describe the task that you needed to complete, explain the actions you took step by step, and then tell us the result or outcome of that situation.

Whether you are successful or not, you will receive feedback as quickly as possible from a member of the recruitment team.

Psychological assessment may be used within the recruitment process. These assessments could consist of a number of different components including verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning. You will be advised before assessment which assessments you will need to complete.

You may also be requested to complete a personality profile that gives us an opportunity to understand your work preferences.

The assessment tool is used in conjunction with other selection tools (such as application or interview) to select the most suitable candidate for the position.

Yes, as part of the selection process, candidates will be asked to provide at least two referees whom the recruitment team can contact by phone.

It is preferable that these referees are, or have been, your direct manager or supervisor.

References will only be conducted by members of the recruitment team after you have given permission for your nominated referees to be contacted.

If we require any additional background checks as part of your application, we will obtain your consent in writing before proceeding with any of the checks.

We will not accept resumes from an agency unless they have been engaged beforehand for a specific vacancy and they have an appropriate agreement with us.