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Equity and diversity

Equity and diversity matter to us

Our aim is to create a culture where all team members, irrespective of background or attributes, are treated with respect and honesty while contributing to the team.

This culture readily supports the principles of equal employment opportunity across gender, ability, race, ethnicity and socio-economic background, as well as other differences including work styles, education, family, sporting or study responsibilities. 

We are proud that our achievements to date have been recognised externally – we have received a number of awards from professional and industry bodies in the areas of equity, diversity, work-life balance and access to technology.

Progressive practices and policies

We pride ourselves on our inclusive team culture, which is underpinned by a variety of flexible and progressive policies and initiatives that encourage and support diversity in its many forms. Some of our policies and practices are outlined below. 

Hear what our team have to say

At Cooper Grace Ward, we value diversity and inclusion as core principles that guide our work culture and practices. In this video, Partner Scott Hay-Bartlem shares how we foster an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute.

“Diversity and inclusion means having an accepting workplace, celebrating differences amongst our team and allowing our team members to be their authentic selves in the workplace”.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

RAP - Reconciliation Action Plan

We have proudly implemented a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a formal agreement with Reconciliation Australia to support Indigenous businesses and boost employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Launched in October 2019, we received an endorsement from Reconciliation Australia that recognises the firm’s leadership position to advance Indigenous business. 

Our goal is to create a workplace culture that understands, values and respects the history, diversity, and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We aim to do this through the transformation of internal attitudes in the workplace by developing cultural awareness, as well as committing to tangible outcomes through employment, mentoring and support for local First Nations businesses.

We are in the process of finalising an Innovate RAP for 2024 in collaboration with Reconciliation Australia. 

Our focus on mental health

Cooper Grace Ward is a signatory to the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation’s Best Practice Guidelines for Psychological Wellbeing.

We believe that supporting and promoting mental health is essential, as it has been acknowledged that legal professionals are at high risk of suffering from psychological distress and illness. The Guidelines are designed to assist organisations to create workplaces that promote workplace psychological health and safety.