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Defamation and reputation management

Cooper Grace Ward has extensive expertise in defamation law and the legal issues associated with reputation management. We frequently represent high-profile individuals and organisations whose reputation, privacy or commercial confidentiality has come under attack.

Our Brisbane based commercial law firm acts for political figures, business people, prominent individuals and organisations of all types and sizes, in defamation cases and cases involving contentious reputation issues. We have trial experience on both sides of the ledger, acting for parties prosecuting claims and also those defending them.

Our team has achieved significant market recognition for their capability in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution, including in the area of defamation.


For advice on defamation and reputation management, call (07) 3231 2444 or email one of our key contacts directly.

Our team of lawyers has a good track record of preventing the publication of false or adverse communications that infringe legal rights. Where it is not possible to stop publication completely, our widely respected team will use its legal and strategic expertise to negotiate or influence what is published.

If need be, we have the ability to secure, often urgently, court injunctions prohibiting publication, particularly where the proposed publication involves serious infringement of private or commercially confidential information.

We also regularly review potentially contentious publications for our clients prior to broadcast to provide advice on risk minimisation strategies.

Where false or adverse material that infringes legal rights has been published, it is important to act quickly to have it removed or corrected or to take steps to reduce the visibility of the material online.

We have an excellent record of obtaining apologies and retractions for clients. In addition, we have been involved in cases seeking significant damages awards.

We have a wealth of experience in court action, primarily in the Supreme Court of Queensland, including cases involving civil jury trials.

Damaging material published online can spread quickly causing serious damage to the reputation of organisations and individuals.

We can:

  • assist in identifying those responsible for posts on the internet and social media
  • liaise with publishers to seek to remove or modify false or adverse material that infringes legal rights, and back up our communications with legal action, if appropriate
  • conduct investigations, in consultation with technology experts, about the extent of the publication to assess any damage suffered
  • work with other advisers to mitigate reputational damage caused by offending material.

Our expertise in corporate reputation management is extensive. Although our instructions in this area are often confidential, we have advised numerous high profile organisations on the best way to avoid or minimise unjustified adverse publicity.

Injunctions to restrain the publication or dissemination of confidential information are another part of our work for corporate clients. We also advise in crisis situations, such as where a major fraud is perpetrated on an organisation.

In this practice area, our team has the significant benefit of being supported by a full service commercial law firm.

Key contacts

Rocco Russo
Miranda Klibbe
Bridget Camilleri
Special Counsel


Defamation perspectives: separate 'serious harm' hearings and the Federal Court

Defamation actions include a ‘serious harm’ threshold that often enables respondents to more readily dispose of complaints that do not result in significant damage to the claimant’s reputation. The recent decision in Peros v Blackburn highlights one pitfall for parties defending defamation actions in seeking separate ‘serious harm’ hearings in the Federal Court, and raises whether the Federal Court Rules require amendment to better align with the defamation legislation of the states and territories.

Defamation perspectives: scope of qualified privilege defence in the context of police complaints

The recent Queensland Court of Appeal case of Karageozis atf Bankrupt Estate of Lamb v Sherman [2023] QCA 258 provides useful clarification of the scope of protection from liability for defamation under the qualified privilege defence in the context of police complaints.