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Mutual Wills

Mutual Wills are a tool used in estate planning, typically within blended families. However, drafting mutual Wills requires considerable planning and drafting precision. The possible existence of a mutual Will is commonly argued in an estate dispute, but is a difficult proposition. In practice, mutual Wills are rarely drafted with enough clarity; evidence of their existence and terms can be hard to prove; and the arrangement itself can have unusual consequences.

In this webinar, Hayley and Sarah will use case studies to discuss:

  • what is (and what is not) a mutual Will, and the benefits of them
  • the evidence that is needed to prove there was a mutual Will in place
  • when a mutual Will is an appropriate strategy, and how to get the drafting right
  • what happens if spouses with mutual Will agreements separate or lose capacity
  • what happens when they ‘go wrong’
  • some alternatives at the estate planning stage

[Running time: 1 hr 30 mins]