Cooper Grace Ward strengthens commitment to pay equity

08 October 2015 Topics:

Cooper Grace Ward has strengthened its commitment to pay equity with Managing Partner Chris Ward joining a raft of high-profile directors, CEOs and senior executives as a Pay Equity Ambassador.

Despite many organisations doing great work to address gender bias and ensure women and men doing the same job or work of comparable value are paid equally, pay equity remains an issue among Australian employers.

As a strong advocate of this, Chris Ward said, “while in my view it makes no sense that gender pay inequality should exist, it is obvious it does. Only with an open mind and thorough analysis can issues be identified and actions developed to improve the status quo”.

Now the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, in partnership with a growing number of CEO Pay Equity Ambassadors and official supporters, is working to inspire and support employers to get equal pay in hand.

The message is simple – equal pay is in your hands. Whilst employers don’t intentionally set out to pay women less, research has shown that unless regular gender pay gap analysis is conducted, there is no certainty that there aren’t instances of women being unfairly paid less than men.

As a Pay Equity Ambassador, CGW has committed to regular analysis of talent management data, including pay by gender, to ensure there is equality.

This link lists the fellow ambassadors of the CEO Pay Equity Ambassador program, which is a testament to the strong support for this program.



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