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What has changed in the distinction between employees and contractors?

Recent case law and ATO rulings have changed the focus for determining whether an individual is an employee or contractor. So, how do we differentiate between an employee and an independent contractor in 2023? And what protections should we put in place?

In this webinar, Fletch and Jack will work through a series of case studies identifying:

  • how an employer should apply the employee/ contractor test following recent High Court and Full Federal Court decisions – and understanding what has changed from the previous approach
  • terms of the contract that are most relevant to characterising a worker as an employee or independent contractor
  • the ATO’s position in its draft ruling
  • arrangements the ATO considers to be very low risk, low risk, medium risk and high risk based on its draft guideline
  • issues to watch when contracting with companies, partnerships and trusts
  • practical steps businesses can take to reduce their risk rating
  • when compulsory superannuation contributions need to be paid for genuine independent contractors.

[Running time: 1 hr]