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29 March 2018

Flexible Work Arrangements

At CGW, our strategy is to be a leader in flexible work arrangements (FWAs).

At CGW, our strategy is to be a leader in flexible work arrangements (FWAs).

FWAs are available for consideration for all CGW team members, irrespective of gender or purpose, and we currently have around 40% of our team on some type of FWA – including me.

In keeping with our values of outstanding client service and team spirit, our FWAs are formulated with consideration for the potential impacts on clients and the wider CGW team.

CGW team members who wish to consider applying for an FWA are encouraged to have initial discussions with their workgroup leader or manager during regular catch-ups. Our People & Culture team is available to discuss options with team members and flag any items that may need consideration.

The types of arrangements we have in place for many team members at CGW include:

  • Part-time
  • Casual
  • Job share
  • Altered start and finish times
  • Altered lunch times
  • Remote work
  • Purchased annual leave
  • A combination of any of the above.

I am a strong advocate for ensuring each team member has the flexibility they require to succeed – not only in their role with CGW but also in their wider personal and professional life.

Chris Ward

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