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22 May 2018

Cooper Grace Ward wins Career Progression in HRD Employer of Choice

Cooper Grace Ward is proud to be recognised as an Employer of Choice for Career Progression in Human Resources Director (HRD) magazine’s Employer of Choice Awards 2018.

The annual survey saw 2611 employees from 143 Australian companies rate their satisfaction in everything from remuneration to leadership effectiveness and work-life balance.

The leading Australian human resources magazine identified career progression as an integral part of employee satisfaction and team engagement.

“HR Professionals are all too aware of the key reasons why people leave organisations: the most cited reasons are more pay being offered elsewhere, lack of professional development, and the closely related lack of a clear career path with their current employer,” HRD said.

Cooper Grace Ward Director of People and Culture Neil Baker said the achievement is reflective of Cooper Grace Ward’s strong sense of purpose focused on our team, clients and community.

This drives clear strategies for developing technical excellence ensuring opportunities for learning and career growth for all of our team.

The result makes good business sense as our team are engaged because they are improving their capability and marketability and our clients receive better outcomes through a team more interested and capable of ensuring their success.

Following on from the survey, HRD says career progression is an area needing improvement in many organisations.

“Just 32.88 per cent of employees strongly agreed that their employer offers a clear career progression path for all employees while 36.1 per cent agreed with the statement.

“Some 20.34 per cent of employees were neutral, 6.99 per cent disagreed and 3.7 per cent strongly disagreed.”

Cooper Grace Ward was evaluated alongside companies from a range of industries from banking to health, hospitality, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, professional services and more

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