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Family law mediation and family disputes

Family law mediation is a service that requires deep experience in working with a variety of parties to achieve constructive outcomes.

Our mediation service is grounded in more than four decades of experience acting for clients, appearing in courts and being involved in mediation processes.

Other lawyers engage us on behalf of their clients as an independent party to lead the mediation process and help the parties involved to reach a resolution.

Family law mediation capability and background

Our capability and background in family law mediation includes:

      • more than four decades of practice in family law and litigation

      • extensive experience dealing effectively with all parties in family law matters to reach mutually agreed outcomes

      • capability to work with people at all levels on matters involving significant complexity, including complex business, asset and family structures

      • knowledge of current practices around facilitated mediation and positional mediation in a shuttle model

      • completion of training and coursework with the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM).

    We offer mediation services across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Bookings for mediations can be made using our online booking system below.

    Our approach

    We are regarded as being highly approachable, at ease dealing with people and commercial in our considerations.

    From the outset of family law mediations, we ascertain what each party hopes to achieve. We take the time to gather these initial expectations from each party to the mediation, as well as their lawyers. Consequently, we gain a more complete picture of each person’s needs, which may not always be obvious from prior reading material.

    Drawing on our extensive family law experience, we employ shuttle mediation techniques, assisting the parties to ensure they understand and ‘own’ the outcomes of the mediation.

    We commit to working with the parties involved to reach a resolution, avoiding the risks and unknowns of litigation.

    Mediation rooms

    For mediations in Brisbane, we can provide Cooper Grace Ward’s conference rooms at 400 George Street in the Brisbane CBD. In mediations involving family law mediator Chris Ward, these rooms and catering support are provided at no additional charge.

    What is mediation?

    Mediation is a form of dispute resolution where an independent person assists conflicting parties to resolve a dispute.

    What is the role of a mediator?

    The mediator helps the parties involved in a conflict by providing a process and solutions to enhance their ability to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

    What skills does a family law mediator need?

    From our experience providing mediation services and engaging other mediators on behalf of our clients, we believe the skills required for successful mediation include:

        • deep experience in the mediation process

        • up-to-date knowledge of current approaches to mediation

        • an ability to deal positively and constructively with people from all walks of life

        • a focus on achieving tangible and mutually agreeable outcomes for the parties involved.

      Cost certainty in the mediation process

      In our experience, clients and their advisers appreciate a proactive approach to managing fees, with certainty around the costs involved in the mediation process. 

      In our booking system below, we note the indicative costs for half-day and full-day mediations. However, once we better understand your requirements, we provide you with an all-inclusive cost that covers the mediation, prior reading and any travel required.

      Mediation bookings and further information

      You can book a mediation by using our online booking system below.

      To make a booking, please choose the service you require, then select from the available dates and times. Dates available for booking are shown in dark grey font, with unavailable dates in light grey.

      Should you wish to discuss mediation for your family law and family dispute matters, please contact Chris Ward or executive assistant Krisha Perz.



      Key contacts

      Chris Ward


      Should I bring a support person to my family law mediation?

      In this video, special counsel Craig Turvey talks about support people and their role in your family law matter.