Who gets the dog if we separate?

Who gets the dog if we separate?

30 August 2021 Authored by: Tiana Harris   |   Topics: Family law

In this video, CGW family lawyer Tiana Harris talks us through who gets to keep the beloved family pet after a relationship breakdown.


Hi, I’m Tiana. I’m a lawyer in the family law team here at Cooper Grace Ward.

I get asked a lot by my clients what happens to the family dog, Lassie. Sometimes arguing over the family pet can be as contentious as arguing over, say, children’s matters. Pets are treated as property in family law settlements, which means that unlike children’s matters unfortunately for Lassie, his time won’t be split between one party or the other.

So, my tips for making sure that you retain Lassie in a family law settlement is to make sure that Lassie is registered in your sole name. This means that you take care of all vet bills, you pay for all dog beds, you pay for dog clothing, if you will. You also pay for any surgeries or registration and things like that. Of course, you should consider that as Lassie is considered your property, the court may transfer Lassie to your spouse.

If you have any other questions about your beloved furbaby, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our other lawyers here at Cooper Grace Ward.



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