Have your say on Brisbane City Council’s draft new City Plan

03 May 2013 Topics: Property and planning law, Planning and environment

Proposed changes to the Brisbane City Council City Plan may impact the development potential of your land or the operation of your business.

The draft new City Plan will be open for formal public submissions from 6 May 2013 and will close at midnight on 30 July 2013. Brisbane City Council has increased the submission period from the required 30 business days to 60 business days. This is your opportunity to provide the Council with your views as to how the proposed changes will affect you.

Interactive mapping will be made available on the Council’s website from 6 May 2013. The interactive mapping will show you how your property will be affected by the provisions of the draft new City Plan (including flood zones, heritage protection and land use zones for Brisbane).

To make a ‘properly made’ submission on the draft new City Plan, you must:

  • lodge your submission in writing by email or letter to the Council;
  • clearly outline what aspects of the draft new City Plan you oppose and what aspects you support, providing reasons;
  • state the name, address and signature of each person making the submission (signatures not required for submissions lodged by email); and
  • send your submission by email to newcityplan@brisbane.qld.gov.au or by mail to City Plan, Brisbane City Council, Reply Paid 1434, Brisbane Qld 4001.

We recommend that submissions are lodged with the Council sooner rather than later to give the Council time to fully consider your views.

If you are concerned about how the proposed changes affect your property or business operations and whether you should be lodging a submission, we recommend that you consider obtaining legal advice.

If you need further information, please contact Marcus Ford on (07) 3231 2972.



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