Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers’ Cyber Resilience Training Workshop a success

20 August 2018 Topics:

Last night Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers launched its latest training workshop ‘Increasing Cyber Resilience’ to an audience of existing clients and industry professionals.

The training highlighted the need for clients to prepare a cyber resilience framework, train staff on data protocols, formulate business continuity plans and back up data regularly.

The attendees heard about the reputational and financial damages caused by cyber-attacks, new federal data breach notification laws and useful insights about data breach prevention, legal issues, and what to do in the case of a cyber security incident.

Sam Adams, Partner at Cooper Grace Ward says he designed the workshop to highlight the need for cyber security education. “Cyber-attacks are growing in number in Australia and the damage caused by these attacks is significant. I want clients to be prepared, have a plan in place and take practical steps to minimise the risk of a data breach.”

The firm ran the training with Bruce Ruddy, Specialist Adviser at leading Brisbane communication, digital and creative agency, Rowland, who highlighted the reputational implications of a cyber-attack and the need for crisis communication preparedness. “The workshop highlighted the importance of the communication response in dealing with a data breach or any other kind of cyber security event as they provide the opportunity for companies to either gain trust or destroy it.”

Guests who attended the workshop received a copy of the firm’s Cyber Resilience Guide which was co-authored by Sam Adams and Bruce Ruddy.

Supporting Adams and Ruddy were Adelaide Hayes and David Lee Lewes from the law firm’s Commercial Team and the Director of Information Technology, Damon Graham.



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