Cooper Grace Ward featured in the November issue of the LexisNexis Inhouse Counsel newsletter

02 January 2018 Topics:

LexisNexis’ Inhouse Counsel newsletter is a monthly newsletter aimed at general counsel within Australia. It has a diverse readership and the top five industry sectors from which it attracts readers are banking and finance, insurance, superannuation, mining and IT/telecommunications. Through Cooper Grace Ward’s Advoc association with Kott Gunning Lawyers in Western Australia, Cooper Grace Ward contributes articles for the newsletter. According to LexisNexis:

The real strength of the Inhouse Counsel publication lies in its contributors. Many are acknowledged leaders in their chosen fields; all are published writers who know how to get straight to the heart of a legal or policy issue.

In the November issue of the LexisNexis Inhouse Counsel newsletter, partner Annie Smeaton published an article titled Adverse action — 2017 update, partner Belinda Winter and associate Sandra Barry published an article titled Redundancies — practical tips and update for in-house counsel and partner Graham Roberts published an article titled Waiver of legal professional privilege.

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