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Family law myth busting and tax traps

In this recording of our 2019 Adviser Training Day and SMSF Conference, CGW partner Justine Woods and special counsel Rosalie Cattermole and Murray Shume discuss family law myths and tax traps.

[Running time: 1 hr 30 mins]



Clients in the midst of a matrimonial dispute provide special issues for advisers, particularly as each one is different, with unique complications.

There are also plenty of myths surrounding what happens in the Family Court, and what it can and can’t, and will and won’t, do. And then we have to consider the tax and duty
consequences …

This session will bust common family law myths and set the record straight. What is in and what is out? Is it always 50/50? Do financial agreements work? When does tax and duty apply to transactions to implement a family law settlement, and how can we help maximise available concessions and exemptions?