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2023 Adviser Conference – Thursday, 23 March

Thursday sessions

Our talented team of experts are here to deliver critical legal updates and to equip you with a detailed understanding of the changes that will affect you and your clients in the year ahead.

[Running time: 7 hr ]




Half-day: Intergenerational succession – how easy is it really?

We are seeing more and more families wanting to pass down business and investment structures – especially the family farm. Sometimes the outcome is what is intended, but, sadly, often it misses the mark.

There are many different ways to achieve this, all with different risks and advantages – and potential consequences!

In this session, we will discuss how to ensure a smooth succession (and how not to) and things to think about, bringing together not just tax and duty, but also family law, estates and other commercial issues that are often not considered.

SMSF Update

Although the government may seem to have been quiet on super law changes, there’s actually been a surprising amount of change in SMSF world!
From ATO activity through to lots of cases and some unexpected law changes, we have quite a bit to talk about.
A must-see to stay up to date!

The ‘how to’ of death benefits

There has been lots happening with BDBNs, trustee discretion and the like, but it’s time to get down to the detail of what to do when someone dies and how to deal with the death benefit.

We are seeing a large number of advisers having to deal with this and have been fielding so many questions in this area of late.

It is a growing area for disputes, so the importance of getting the documents and process right has never been greater!
In this session, we will workshop the practicalities of death in an SMSF and debunk some SMSF death benefit myths, while looking at:

  • What is required to pay a death benefit?
  • When can I pay a death benefit pension?
  • Who controls the SMSF?