2021 – Annual Adviser Conference – Thursday all day


SESSION 1 & 2 – Half-day workshop – Is it time to restructure your clients’ business assets?
SESSION 3 – COVID-19 update
SESSION 4 – SMSF update


[Running time: 7 hr ]



SESSION 1 & 2 –  Half-day workshop – Is it time to restructure your clients’ business assets?

Presented by Linda Tapiolas, Partner | Jodie Robinson, Special Counsel

There are many issues that need to be considered when advising clients on an appropriate structure for operating businesses and holding assets. For example, what CGT roll-over or concessions are available, which one do you use, and how do you avoid making common mistakes?

However, circumstances often change which means the structure the client started out with will no longer be appropriate. COVID-19 is a reminder that we need to be reviewing how our clients hold their business assets to ensure their structure meets their goals, including asset protection and business succession.

In this half-day workshop, Linda and Jodie will look at:

  • the common CGT roll-overs available
  • subdivision 328-G (small business restructure roll-overs)
  • small business CGT concessions
  • duty issues and exemptions
  • case studies which highlight the use of the roll-overs, tips in using the roll-overs and how to avoid common mistakes.

SESSION 3 – COVID-19 update

Presented by  Laura Gahan, Partner | Scott Hay-Bartlem, Partner | Sarah Lancaster, Partner Graham Roberts, Partner | Annie Smeaton, Partner | Charles Sweeney, Partner

COVID-19 has impacted almost every area of business. Continuing our series on this topic, this session will cover the spectrum of what businesses and their advisers need to know.

SESSION 4 – SMSF update

Presented by Scott Hay-Bartlem, Partner | Clinton Jackson, Partner | Steven Jell, Senior Associate

2020 has been a busy year for those who deal with SMSFs. The pressure on SMSF auditors is greater than ever, so successfully navigating the audit will be especially challenging.
This session will cover the highlights, including COVID-19 relief and the documents required, the ATO’s new approach to penalties, an update to LRBAs, and six member SMSFs.