The rapid pace of change in technology demands legal advice that is timely, practical and to-the-point.

No matter what type of technology you are developing, you need the right protection in place to ensure your ideas become and remain a commercial success.

Cooper Grace Ward advises start-up technology businesses through to mid-sized companies engaged in technology innovation and development. Our clients operate in sectors as diverse as software development, online business and e-commerce, biotechnology and the emerging ‘cleantech’ sector.

Our major services in this area include:

  • intellectual property protection strategies
  • applying for trade mark registrations and handling trade mark disputes
  • preparing intellectual property agreements, including licences to use, manufacture, develop and market confidentiality agreements and agreements dealing with patent rights
  • preparing licence agreements from the perspective of both the licensee and licensor and relating to matters as diverse as software, patents, business processes, trade marks, brands and copyright
  • commercialisation of technology
  • capital raisings and public offerings
  • due diligence, mergers and acquisitions
  • commercial advice, including advice on all types of contracts and agreements
  • workplace relations and safety advice, documentation and litigation
  • litigation and dispute resolution.

To speak with a lawyer regarding an intellectual property or technology law matter, call Cooper Grace Ward on (07) 3231 2444.